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The Bulldog Smoker Essentials

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The Bulldog Smoker Essentials, everything you will need to smoke . Now available for a very cool price! SM00102 Filter Silver SM00107 Filter Brown SM00106 Filter Blue SM00105 Filter 6mm P00150 Sticker Black P00003 Sticker White V00008 Bag SM00051 Paper Red SM00054 Paper Black SM00052 Paper Silver SM00008 Paper Blue SM00055 Paper Brown SM00110 Paper Rolls GH00084 Wristband GH00115 Round Magnet Black GS00103 Tin Ashtray Blue SM00201 Cones KS3 SM00036 Clipper GH00073 Clic Clac GS00110 Pocket Ashtray GR00082 Plastic Grinder Blue SM00506 Saverette SM00508 Rolling Cards all 2x * For tobacco use only