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The Bulldog Kavatza Pouch



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The Original "The Bulldog™" Kavatza Pouch made of high quality leather is unique, practical and fits easily into every pocket. It is intended for people who roll up with Tobacco and therefore in a common size of a Tobacco Pouch. It has two inside pockets, the rear one for the Tobacco and the front one for filter tips, lighter,etc. Further on it contains a paper holder, an attached stuffing prong, and of course the curved wooden rolling base with a secure rubber band to prevent the paper get blown away while rolling. The entire preparation until lightening the "Cigarette" happens in one closed system. Everything is in one place and remains where it should be. The Original "The Bulldog™" Kavatza Pouch is ideal for use on the go. Just place it on your knee or table and roll away ...Enjoint it! * For tobacco use only

The Quality of this product is just great. The leather is really thick and seems very durable. The "aged"-look is very well made, though it doesn't look exactly like in the picture. I believe that can vary from product to product though.
There is a lot of storage for all your utensils in the pouch, however, I still haven't really figured out how to put the papers in there.
Anyways, this is a great, high quality product for a good price, so if you're around in Amsterdam or want to order it on here, you got my thumbs up.
(Also, after the product was shipped, it only took 2 working days for delivery from the Netherlands to Germany!)